Mystical Love in Confession X

An Inquiry on the Name of the Divine


  • Simeon Theojaya Calvin Theological Seminary



Augustine, love, memory, mysticism, negative theology


“God ” is, in the first place, a name. Before being a person or Being, the name “God” could be anything imaginable. “What’s in a name?” “Who is the one that we love and how could we finally give account to it?” Such are the questions this paper will try to answer. This study will conduct a reading based largely on Augustine’s Confessions X, and will be dissected into two smaller parts. In the first part, I will propose the possibility of applying a mystical approach to address this issue. Then I will examine how the saint travels across his memory in search of God, as a demonstration of the mystical journey into love.


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Author Biography

Simeon Theojaya, Calvin Theological Seminary

Simeon Theojaya is a Master of Theological Studies student at Calvin Theological Seminary, USA. He is interested in the area of French contemporary philosophy.


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