Focus and Scope

Indonesian Journal of Theology (IJT) receives a wide range of manuscripts of interdisciplinary nature related to theology and religious studies as it aims to bridge academia, ecclesia, and society. It publishes articles and book reviews as resources for theological education, pedagogy, and ecumenical and interreligious learning on topics related to theology and related fields such as:  

  • Theology -- systematic theology, ethics, historical theology, liturgy, practical theology, spirituality, political theology, post/de-colonial theology, world Christianity, and others.

  • Biblical studies -- Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament, New Testaments, contextual hermeneutics, cross-cultural hermeneutics, interreligious hermeneutics, post/decolonial biblical hermeneutics, and others.

  • Religious studies -- comparative religions, anthropology of religions, sociology of religions, religion and politic, and others.

IJT commits to publish high-quality academic articles. Managed and edited by a diverse team of scholars from different institutions, all articles are processed through a double-blind peer review by respected scholars in their field.