Yesus Belajar Ilmu Sihir di Mesir?

Matius 2:13-23 dan Studi Yesus Sejarah


  • Deky Hidnas Yan Nggadas Institut Injil Indonesia (I3)





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Author Biography

Deky Hidnas Yan Nggadas, Institut Injil Indonesia (I3)

Deky Hidnas Yan Nggadas received his bachelor's degree in Theology from SETIA Jakarta (2008), M.Div. degree from STT Amanat Agung, Jakarta, (2008), and Th.M. degree in New Testament from Institut Injil Indonesia, Batu-Malang (2013). Besides teaching in the area of New Testament, he published two books, Pengantar Praktis Studi Kitab-kitab Injil (Yogyakarta: Andi, 2011) and Paradigma Eksegetis: Penting dan Harus (Depok: Indie-Publishing, 2013), and many academic and popular articles.  


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